Malawi Longitudinal STudy of Families and Health (MLSFH)


MLSFH: 25 years of Longitudinal Research in Malawi

The Malawi Longitudinal Study of Families and Health (MLSFH) provides a rare record of 25 years of longitudinal population data in one of the poorest countries in the world

MLSFH Research News


Celebrating 25 years of MLSFH and sharing research finding with community representatives and stake holders


MLSFH Mature Adults: First population-based studies of cognition and cognitive change in rural Malawi

Nyasaland Famine

Barker hypothesis revisited: Lasting positive (!) effects of in-utero famine exposure on cardiovascular health

MLSFH Research Team

Hosting MLSFH Collaborators at Penn in October 2023: Victor Mwapasa, Kaz Kulisewa and Kondwani Katundu

MLSFH FieldWork Impressions